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New security rules mandated by the FAA

Passengers are advised that new security rules mandated by the Federal Aviation Administration will require more time for check-in. We are recommending that you get picked up at least three hours prior to your departure time. Officials urge travelers not to come to the airport unless they have checked with their airline and have been told they have a confirmed seat on a confirmed flight.

ARRIVALS at Albuquerque International Airport, we are no longer able to meet passengers at the baggage claim for your flights. Limousine Services are now required to wait in the commercial holding lot.


  • Only ticketed passengers will be allowed through the security screening to go to the gates. Persons meeting arriving passengers should meet them at the appropriate baggage-claim carousel.
  • Curbside check is available.
  • No knives of any kind are allowed through security screening.
  • No parking is allowed in the terminal garages within 75 feet of the building.
  • Absolutely no unattended vehicles are allowed at curbside. Unattended vehicles will be towed immediately.
  • All electronic devices (cell phones, pagers, personal assistants, etc.) will be x-rayed at security screening.
  • All vehicles entering the airport are subject to search. Checkpoints will be set up just before vehicles enter parking lots or garages. Do not leave any baggage or belonging unattended.
  • Be sure to have picture ID on your person at all times.
  • The airport strongly encourages you to avoid or limit carry on items.
  • Please be patient and courteous to all security personnel.

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RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED FOR ALL AIRPORT TRIPS. WE DO NOT STAGE VEHICLES. Rates listed above do not include the Driver gratuity of 20%. In addition they are subject to airport fees.


When you arrive at ABQ International Airport you will be met at the baggage claim area of your flight. The Chauffeur will have a sign with your name on it. Parking fees if $5.00 for the first hour plus $2.50 each additional half hour and toll charges of $3.00 will be charged.


If you get lost in the airport or do not see the driver, please call our number 505-848-9999. Our office uses the World Wide Web to track your flight arrival status. We will wait at the airport one hour after the arrival of your flight. If you do not call to change or update your flight information three days prior to your TAKE OFF TIME, you will be charged the full rate for the no show.


You set the schedule, sometimes same day as little as 5 hours in advance . You choose the airports of your departure and arrival ,with many more options than in commercial flight. You choose the type and size of aircraft to fit your needs, and you determine the passenger list. You may even change course while en route!


Statistically, flying in a chartered jet is safer than driving a car. With New Mexico Star Limo jet charter flight affiliate service rigorous safety standards, clients board our planes confident they are secure and protected. This knowledge makes traveling by private jet even more relaxing. Private flights are safer for your luggage as well; since you’ll see your bags going on and coming off the plane, you’ll know they haven’t been lost!


By arranging flights for multiple passengers-from four up to 15 or more in our largest jets-our clients can greatly reduce the per-person costs of private charter. In fact, with such planning, private air charter’s costs are often found to be very competitive with flying commercial first class.


Every passenger on your private jet is approved by you. In addition, New Mexico Star Limo L.L.C Service maintains a jet charter flight affiliate service strict policy of discretion and helps to safeguard your employees and the sensitive information they may be carrying. New Mexico Star Limo L.L.C jet charter flight affiliate service have the flexibility to reserve Light, Medium, or Heavy Jets for each and every trip. Our services representative will consult with you to determine the most appropriate jet for each trip, based on the number of passengers, luggage requirements and the distance to be traveled.


One-Way Round Trip One-Way Round Trip Speed : 380-490 mph Range 1000-1300 miles LIGHT JET: $4,500 $3,500 $4,000 $3,000 Speed : 420-490 mph Range 1550-2000 miles MEDIUM JET: $6,500 $4,600 $6,000 $4,000 Speed : 420-500 mph Range 2650-3700 miles HEAVY JET: $9,000 $6,500 $8,000 $6,500 U.S. Hourly Rates Effective 2/1/08 Please note that these are approximations and that all speed/ranges are affected by weather, passenger count, runway length, and prevailing winds. Aircraft Seats Hourly Rate Daily Minimum Gulfstream 13 $6,500 3 hrs Gulfstream 9 $5,500 3.0 hrs Challenger 10 $4,500 3.0 hrs Citation 7 $3,500 2 hrs

The table shown above provides an estimated base price per hour on selected available aircraft.

One-Way vs. Round-Trip

  • Round-Trip rates apply to all flights that return to the passengers’ point of origin with no interruption and involve an average of at least two (2) hours of billable flight time for every calendar day (subject to compliance with FAA rules)
  • One-way rates apply to all other types of flights

Pricing Details

  • Hourly rates do not include positioning, landing fees, fuel surcharge and catering. Federal excise tax of 10%, or comparable international fee, not included.
  • Taxi Time is billed at 15 minutes per leg in addition to actual flight time .
  • Hourly rates are estimated and subject to change without notice .
  • Minimum 2-Hour Charters (Light Jet) .
  • Minimum 2.5-Hour Charters (Heavy Jet) .
  • To provide competitive pricing aircraft requests are matched with traveling passenger count not aircraft model.

NOTE: New Mexico Star Limo L.L.C. Service does not own or operate aircraft; all flights are arranged through a network of qualified and licensed FAA part 135 independent air carriers and jet charter flight affiliate service providers.


To ensure the safety of each and every flight, New Mexico Star Limo L.L.C Service qualifies your charter utilizing the services of the Aviation Research Group/U.S. (ARG/US) a leading independent provider of data, research and analysis services to the business aviation marketplace. ARG/US services include a system of safety rankings that provides prospective clients with a clear evaluation of every aircraft jet charter flight affiliate service and its crew.

The ARG/US carrier rating system categorizes air charter carriers and their private jets into one of four levels: DNQ, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. To qualify for a Gold rating, the minimum standard accepted by jet charter flight affiliate Service, carriers must provide detailed pilot and aircraft records to ARG/US for review. The Platinum rating involves an onsite audit by inspectors trained to Department of Defense Standards. For more details, see:


For every private jet flight, ARG/US provides a unique service called the TripCHEQ Report (Charter Evaluation and Qualification). The most comprehensive and detailed safety analysis program in the industry, TripCHEQ examines each reserved plane, pilot, and carrier before every flight. It tracks pilot certificates, type ratings, accidents, incidents, violations, operator certificates, operational control of the aircraft and aircraft insurance levels. All of these factors are checked specifically within each client’s trip parameters.

By adhering to the TripCHEQ program, New Mexico Star Limo L.L.C. Service and jet charter flight affiliate service providers ensures that each of its service provider affiliate flights undergoes multiple, real-time safety evaluations. New Mexico Star Limo L.L.C. will never assign an aircraft or crew that its jet charter flight affiliate service does not meet 100% of the safety requirements that it has developed in tandem with ARG/US and TripCHEQ. Included in each pre-flight analysis is an automatic evaluation of the following:

FAA and NTSB records

  • Pilot qualification records including flight time and experience records
  • Certifications, training documents and insurance information
  • Private jet charter is one of the safest methods of travel available. Air charter carriers operate their private jets with regular oversight from the FAA on operations, maintenance and training. Most carriers exceed the training requirements dictated by the FAA.


You must cancel your airport transfer 72 hours prior to pick up time for a 50% refund. Cancellations within the 72-hour time will be charged the rate for the vehicle. Gratuity’s will not be refunded. – 50% non refundable deposit required. – Minimum partial driver gratuity % 10 not included – Sales tax , airport fees , fuel surcharge( totaling 20%) not included – Cancellations require 72 hour notification. Late cancellations and no-shows are fully charged to customer. – Customer & recipient acknowledge & agree that all service rates quoted by Star Limo are estimates only, and that final charges upon service completion are based on additional services, if any. – Star Limo endeavors to maintain schedule submitted by customers, but is not guaranteed. Star Limo is not liable for delays/ interruptions/ damages caused by acts of god, strikes, riots, authorities of law, perils of navigation, inclement weather, hazardous road conditions, accidents, mechanical breakdowns or any other condition beyond its control. – $25-late evening after 10pm & early morning surcharges before 5 am incurred. – Schedule adjustments via driver are not accepted; call 505-848-9999. – 3 hour minimum reservation required in some cases. – Special seasonal and holiday rates might differ. – Price quotes subject to change without prior notice. – Star Limo LLC will not allow smoking-drugs-alcohol-horse playing-fighting-insult driver or HANG ANY PORTION OF THEIR BODIES OR INTIMATE RELATIONS. If any of these occur, Star Limo LLC reserves the right to terminate the service immediately. If clients abuse equipment or the vehicle itself, an additional minimum $100 repair or general cleaning charge will take effect . Such decision is final & rests with the company, solely, from it’s experience with unusual use or habitation. I FULLY UNDERSTAND AND AGREE TO PAY CHARGES plus EXTRA TIME OR DAMAGE MY PARTY INFLICTS DURING THE TIME I HAVE RESERVED FROM STAR LIMOUSINE SERVICE. I will Inspect vehicle and notify if condition is or not satisfactory. PROM CONTRACT BACHELOR/BACHELORETTE PARTY CONTRACT By engaging and or utilizing New Mexico StarLimo L.L.C. SERVICE WEBSITE in a request made by telephone conversation or an online quote and reservation request you read and agree to ALL policies.